What qualifications will I receive?

All trainees who complete the SCITT course will do so with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Trainees graduate with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from Sheffield Hallam University.

How much does the training cost?

Tuition fees are £9,250 for QTS with PGCE.

What are the entry requirements?

To view entry requirements, please have a look at our selection process page

Where will my placement school be?

You will be placed in two different schools to give you a real breadth of experience. We are lucky that the partnership is extremely diverse and we can offer very distinct experiences. All schools are quality assured by the central SCITT team to ensure consistency of experience. Please note: Participants do not get to choose which school they are placed in. View our list of partner schools here.

Who decides where I am placed?

The SCITT Director organises placements. We only place trainees in schools with a proven track record of supporting ITT students and where the senior leadership team have committed to Manchester Nexus’ ethos. When allocating a placement we take into consideration where you live, your individual circumstances and your experience to date.

How many placements do I have?

You will have 2 placements –  1 main school and 1 contrasting school. You will also get the opportunity to engage in enrichment activities during the academic year.

 How long does my training last?

Your training covers the full academic year. You are in school on the first day of the autumn term (early September) with all staff and get to listen to the Headteacher’s welcome and priorities for the year. Your course will close towards the end of the summer term, usually at the end of June.

 Is it full time or part time?

The training is full time Monday-Friday. 4 days in school, 1 day training. Please see our programme pages for further information.

 How is the course structured?

For more information on the structure of the course, please visit the appropriate programme page

 How do I apply?

View our how to apply page for instructions on how to train with Manchester Nexus SCITT, or call the team for assistance on: 0161 624 1484

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