Sara Iqbal

Primary SCITT Trainee

My name is:

Sara Iqbal

I am training to be a:

Primary school teacher

I chose to be a teacher because:

As a mother to a toddler, I aspire to be the teacher I’d want my daughter to have. I believe every child deserves an exceptional teacher. 

The reason I chose to train with Manchester Nexus is:

SCITT, it’s school-centred, you’re learning on the job. It doesn’t even feel like you’re learning. You’re so immersed in the experience you forget that you’re actually doing a PGCE. 

The thing I find most challenging about the course is:

Juggling everything at once. I have the PGCE workload, placement schools and their routines, and lastly home life.

But the way I am supported with that is:

However, I feel very lucky to have a supporting husband, family and friends around me. They allow me to manage my time well, to organise and prioritise my tasks. I have built a great line of communication with the Nexus team who have been very understanding of the unforeseen circumstances that have cropped up whilst I have been on this course. 

The most enjoyable thing about the course is

Being in different schools, meeting different teachers and children. Most importantly, the support of my peers in the primary cohort. We share our day to day experiences, struggles but we’re always there encouraging and motivating one and other. 

The best thing about working with children

The smiles, the unplanned/casual hugs and their light bulb moments. Seeing their faces light up when they get excited about something they have just learnt/discovered.  

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